The weather forecasts of your route for all your outdoor activities.

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Amazing Features

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Recommended routes/tracks

Access to the most desirable routes based on weather prediction maps.

Tracks synchronization

Access to tracks created from other platforms and possibility of merging with sports applications.

Favourite locations

Save your usual tracks


Automatic detection of your current position.

High quality forecast

Up to 1km of horizontal resolution of the Weather Research and Forecasting model (WRF).

Professional Events

Forecast for major sporting events.

Why Meteosport?

Our app facilitates the planning of sports activities thanks to the reliability of its weather forecasts, allowing you to know the status of the tracks at the desired time.

  • Free download
  • Reliable and Secure Platform
  • Everything is perfectly organized
  • User’s favourite spot
  • Easy to handle and customize

Upload your favorite tracks

Meteosport , has a web interface will to upload tracks to the app. Upload your favorite tracks with your username and you will have them when you download the app .

Click on the button and you will access to the web interface.

The best way to manage your outdoor activities

Explore the capabilities of Meteosport

Sporting events

Weather forecast for outdoor sporting events. Detaileds information and the possibility of enrollment.

User friendly

Meteorological data clearly and simply. Track recommendation according to indexes of comfort. Possibility of saving your tracks.

Sync Meteosport with other apps

Access all yours tracks from Meteosport and get the weather forecast for each of them.




Events included in Meteosport

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